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Our Features

Our Features

Extensive Job Portal:

Skill Routing offers more than just a platform for job and task listings; it boasts a comprehensive job portal that empowers job creators to create, monitor, customize, and delete tasks as per their unique requirements. The portal facilitates both short and long-term job placements, with the use of templates and a descriptive guidance system that makes it simple to create and define various types of tasks. By utilizing this system, HR managers and technical recruiters can streamline their recruitment processes with ease. Explore the full range of features available through the Skill Routing job portal and revolutionize the job market.

Types of Services

The job portal facilitates three types of jobs.

In-House Projects

The company may offer various in-house projects for which they seek potential workers, promoting these opportunities through Skill Routing job portal

Client Projects.

As a service provider, the company functions by enabling its customers to articulate the specifics of the job they require completed. Prospective workers are invited to submit their resumes in response to the job posting, following which the company conducts a process of shortlisting to identify the most suitable candidate for the task. In this way, the company serves as a conduit between customers and workers, facilitating the hiring process with professional acumen and expertise.

Skill Advertisement

The company allows customers to define job requirements and accepts resumes from prospective workers. After a period of shortlisting, the most suitable candidate is identified. In this way, the company serves as an intermediary, expertly facilitating the hiring process.

Job Marketplace

The prowess of our job search engines makes it simple for job-seekers to gain access to a sizable pool of available positions at any given time. There are filters available in Skill Routing that allow users to narrow their search results. This quality helps job-seekers zero in on a career path while speeding up the recruiting process for businesses. Rather than manually scanning resumes, hiring managers and recruiters may now validate online applications with relative ease.

Portable Mobile Application

The jobs and tasks can be performed and updated through our user-friendly mobile application. The app is accessible for workers through which the job can be tracked and completed. The evolutionary application is always on the verge of updates to better facilitate the user experience.



Skill Routing represents a new era of job portals, serving as a connecting link between job seekers and recruiters in a unified, user-friendly platform. By integrating advanced technologies that address contemporary market needs, Skill Routing transforms the conventional job recruitment process into a seamless and streamlined experience. As a product designed by and for the people, Skill Routing offers a wealth of features that set it apart as the premier recruitment portal on the market.


All the transactions occurring are secured and protected for the user.

Advanced Filters

Job-oriented filters that make it easier to locate specific jobs.

Easy to Use

A user-friendly interface containing all the necessary features.


Subscription Plans

Skill Routing has three different packages for those that do not want the complete feature list. This is your choice to select the one that works perfectly for you.
$ 29
  • One Selected Template
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Credit Remove Permission
  • Lifetime Template Updates
$ 59
  • Five Existing Templates
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Credit Remove Permission
  • Lifetime Template Updates
$ 99
  • All Existing Templates
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Credit Remove Permission
  • Lifetime Template Updates

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